“FSC® certified charcoal from well managed forests”

King Charcoal


The process of making charcoal dates back to 30 000 years ago. Charcoal burns hotter, cleaner and more evenly than wood. Our charcoal is predominantly used for food preparation and barbecues. King Charcoal utilizes encroacher bush for the manufacture of charcoal in a way that it is socially acceptable, environmentally friendly, politically conducive and economically viable.

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) operates globally and works to safeguard forests, the people and the environment. FSC® certifies their forests to ensure the highest environmental and social standards. King Charcoal in partnership with CMO manages an FSC group scheme for charcoal producers in Namibia. At King Charcoal we only produce FSC charcoal.

Harvesting of encroacher bush is expected to increase dramatically in Namibia, with support for bush thinning and biomass utilization coming from Namibian government. Bush thinning operations need to be carried out carefully without any damage to the environment.

Encroacher bush is a threat for our rangelands and bush thickening is recognized as a major issue. The thinning out of this dense bush enables farmers to manage their rangeland resources in such a way that the biodiversity is maintained and improved, and animal production sustainability is improved. Our FSC group scheme suppliers only harvest the invasive species in accordance with the FSC approved management plan as well as a forestry permit issued by the Department of Forestry, to ensure the process remains environmentally sustainable.

King Charcoal is a proud member of the Namibia Charcoal Association (NCA)

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Our Values

1. FSC only: We only produce FSC certified charcoal. We have a chain of custody (CoC) certification ensuring that no contamination exists. We do not accept any non FSC charcoal or deal with any non FSC charcoal sources. We fully subscribe and are committed to the sustainability and ethics codified by the FSC.

2. Stakeholders: We are committed to creating an ethical and beneficial relationship with our employees, clients, government and suppliers and the communities they represent.

3. Sustainability: We believe in transforming the Namibian charcoal industry to the FSC standard by assisting commercial and emerging charcoal producers to comply with forestry social and other legal standards.

4. Integrity: Keeping our promises is important to us, we believe in doing what we say.

5. Quality: It means giving 100% all of the time. There is no compromise on quality. We monitor and work closely with our stakeholders to ensure consistent quality.

King Charcoal

"Clean energy while caring for forests and people"

Our products

We have the capability of delivering charcoal in bulk as well as to produce retail ready charcoal packaged to our clients specifications. We can grade charcoal in different sizes to clients needs however generally our charcoal is graded the following way:

  • Restaurant grade charcoal – Large size, lump wood charcoal used in commercial food production
  • Barbeque charcoal – smaller sized lump wood charcoal used for domestic barbeque.
  • Fines – small pieces of charcoal used for Briquette manufacturing.